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Epoxy Resin Furniture at ThunderWood Studio

ThunderWoodStudio - is a family business that produces exclusive epoxy resin furniture and one-of-a-kind handmade homeware. Having started as a small studio, our studio has expanded its horizons. With our warehouse now situated in Pyrzowice, Poland, we efficiently ship our finished furniture to customers across Europe and America. We’ve managed to come up with our own formulas turning regular materials such as epoxy and wood into real masterpieces bringing fresh natural vibes into any interior.

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Don't miss out – shop now and transform your home!

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Each piece of furniture or decor in our handmade collection has a unique production process that involves a combination of various techniques of working with epoxy resin combined with exclusive wood. Each combination of wood and epoxy resin is always one-of-a-kind, hence no item in our collection looks exactly the same in terms of design. This is how we ensure our customers get non-generic and exclusive pieces that cannot be found elsewhere.

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Our Studio

Our epoxy resin homeware production studio is a family business where we pour all our passion and effort into crafting each and every item we produce. We strongly believe in the power of aesthetical functionality we bring into every home with our epoxy rasing tables, decor, and homeware.  ThunderWoodStudio is more than just a business; it represents a convergence of rich woodworking traditions, modern design, and innovative exploration of both natural and synthetic materials, with the goal of reimagining the conventional notions of home decor and furniture.

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