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Epoxy Resin Furniture Care and Maintenance

Are epoxy tables and furniture difficult to maintain?

No more difficult than furniture made of solid wood. However, like any cherished piece of furniture, it demands proper care and maintenance. In our article, we'll guide you through the process.

How do you maintain an epoxy table?

Caring for an epoxy resin table is simpler than you might think. Routine cleaning is the initial step, and you can use common household items for this. To address the question of how to clean a resin table, particularly focusing on cleaning the top surface of such a table, we will explore essential steps and effective techniques to ensure your epoxy table maintains its best appearance.

Such tables need particular attention to retain their luster and durability.

How do you protect a resin table top?

Protecting a resin table top extends the life of your furniture. To safeguard the epoxy resin, always use specialized wipes for heated items. For extremely hot objects, consider using mats or coasters. Moreover, it's crucial to avoid placing heavy items that might scratch its surface.

How to protect epoxy resin from scratches?

Preventing scratches on your epoxy resin table requires mindful practices. Always lift items rather than dragging them across the surface. Additionally, regular polishing will not only keep your table looking new but also protect the resin from minor scuffs and scratches. Polishing products, specifically designed for epoxy resin surfaces, can be used to enhance the sheen and provide a layer of protection.

Use the table as intended and wisely. Just because it's durable doesn't mean it's resistant to all forms of damage. While solidified epoxy resin boasts qualities like strength, wear-resistance, and long-lasting durability, care must be taken to prevent putting undue stress on surfaces made from it:

  • Avoid dropping heavy items, as this can cause dents or chips in the epoxy resin.
  • Refrain from cutting directly on the surface to prevent deep scratches.
  • Be cautious with items that have sharp metal edges to prevent scratching the surface.

Can resin table be used outdoors?

While epoxy resin is durable, its longevity can be compromised when used outdoors. Exposure to UV light can cause yellowing over time, and drastic temperature changes can lead to cracks. However, with the use of a UV-protectant top coat, you can reduce these effects and ensure your resin furniture lasts longer even in outdoor settings.

Some tips how to clean resin furniture from ThunderWood Studio

Learning how to clean a epoxy resin table furniture doesn’t need to be complicated. ThunderWood Studio recommends a gentle approach:

  • Use a soft, damp cloth for regular cleaning to maintain your resin table top's lustrous shine.
  • For persistent stains, use a blend of gentle soap and lukewarm water. Rinse well and pat dry with a clean, soft towel.
  • Steer clear of harsh cleaners or scrubbing pads that might mar the surface.
  • Protect your table by using coasters and placemats, particularly for hot items.
  • We advise against exposing the material to rapid and large temperature fluctuations (acceptable temperature range is between +16°C and +27°C). As with many materials, wood tends to contract when cooled and expand when heated.
  • If your table is exposed to sunlight, consider UV-protective coatings to prevent discoloration.
  • We do not recommend leaving tables in the sun, let alone outside.

Knowing how to clean a resin table top ensures that your furniture remains as impressive and stunning as the day you bought it. It's more than just cleaning resin table tops; it's about preserving a work of art. So, enjoy your beautiful wood epoxy coffee table, knowing it's cared for properly.

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