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How the Epoxy Resin top-tier trend keeps improving home spaces for the last few years


Do you ever get the feeling that your living or working space is rather dull or bleak? Or maybe it is not quite helping with productivity, creativity or memorable and interesting life? Well, it seems you are not alone. More and more people over the latest years start brainstorming for truly original decoration ideas. And more home space blogs start showing brighter, more interesting and exciting solutions for homes, offices, or yards. 

One of those, and, frankly, my favorite, is Epoxy Resin furniture. Maybe because of its fresh and stunning looks, or its uniqueness and natural conversation-starter quality – something about it just makes your place feel wonderful, and your friends jealous. Maybe that is why this trend just keeps popping out in our Instagram and Pinterest feeds much more often than a few years before. 

But what is Epoxy Resin, really? If you look it up on the Wikipedia, it may get extremely confusing. It certainly was for me when I first dived into the topic years ago. To explain it simply, Epoxy Resin used for furniture is a plastic-like material, which is converted from a liquid to solid state by molding it into any desired shape. And no wonder! When solidified, it really looks a bit like plastic, though with a much better texture, color, and durability. 

But how is epoxy resin unique then? It is quite simple: since the material is initially liquid, it can be molded into almost any possible shape! It also presents an overwhelming variety of different colors and hues, and a limitless possibility for truly unlike-other designs. It allows to fully express the creativity and aestetic sense of its proud owner. 

A great way of making furniture using epoxy resin is to blend it with something else, like I do! Firstly, a mold is made and other materials are placed inside to form a pattern or a design. Then epoxy resin is being gradually poured in part by part in layers. Most common combinations are with wood and other natural materials, but metal can also be used. Of course, the process is quite complex. It requires not only a significant mastery in resin molding, but a lot of other handiwork skills as well. But it is definitely worth the effort! The designs, complex pictures, and stories  made with it are just mind-blowing.

There are two types of resin: natural and synthetic. Natural resin is quite popular in handcrafting, but when it comes to furniture, synthetic resin is mostly used. But although it is called synthetic, it does not mean using it harms the environment! Quite the opposite actually. Unlike wood, for example, there is no need to chop down entire forests to make enough material. That is why it is a great way to make a conscious contribution to the ecology. 

Right now resin appears to be one of the most versatile materials there are. That is why I love making furniture with it so much! And it seems it is not my opinion only: back in 2014, Vogue seems to have predicted it to be the hottest trend as well! 

But what are other, objective pros of the epoxy resin as a material? 

Well, firstly, aside from its versatility, it is insanely durable. Being a thermoset polymer, quite strong in the first place, it can also be bonded with other materials to arrive into a virtually indestructible state. It can easily withstand regular heavy impact and pressure without breaking or even cracking. 

Secondly, the furniture made from epoxy resin is waterproof, resistant to spills and moisture, due to its seamless and non-porous internal structure. This also makes it long-lasting, and significantly easier to care and maintain. And since epoxy resin surfaces are glossy by nature, they don’t require extensive routine care to keep their glossy shine years after installation. 

Finally, surfaces made from epoxy resin are very clean. Since the material is not prone to denting, pitting, or developing pores, it will not collect a lot of bacteria on it. It is great for sanitation and hygiene.

All the advantages above make epoxy resin perfect for indoor and outdoor furniture. By the way, it is even used in laboratories and medical facilities for the same reasons! 

On the other hand, some items from epoxy resin may seem a little pricey. This is because all furniture is usually made up-to-order and is fully customizable. But nevertheless, the material Quality to Cost ratio makes this furniture one of the top-tier choices on the market. 

Resin furniture is a new age of contemporary furniture-making. It gives homeowners and business owners a wonderful opportunity to weave various original designs into their interior with furniture that is known for its durability and eco-friendliness. It is precisely what has made it so popular and experts predict that will be the case in the years to come. 

Cannot choose your perfect design yet? Then visit this page to see some of my work as examples!  

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